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Why Royal Emprezz Roots?

The founder and CEO of Royal Emprezz Roots is a former healthcare professional in the field of nursing with over a 20 year extensive educational background in health and wellness. Our team has taken the knowledge learned in modern medicine and combined it with ancient Edenic principals to create 100% organic hair care products, healing herbs, teas, oils and vegan CBD products.  



" I was told that I needed surgery on my knees, I talked to this young lady and she gave me some herbs and I didn't have to get any surgery. That was three years ago I am 80 years old now going for walks and enjoying my great grandchildren."

Mrs. Dupree

"My husband and I got diagnosed with Covid-19 in October 2020. We have four children and were suffering. We spoke to Shy, the owner and she sent us these healing herbs, my husband and I were back on our feet in just a few days."

Mrs. Jones

" I suffered with sciatica and after speaking with one of the herbalist in 2013, I received some healing herbs and have not had a problem with my back like that since. I was so in shock because I had been out of work for 6 months and was not able to walk most of the time. These are good people, they just want to help and through the grace of the most High, that is just what they do and they do it well."

Ms. H.M. 

Our Products and Services

Diabetic Diet Planning and Reversal

A general guide to healthy diet, and reversal of diabetes with food and exercise while continuing to enjoy most of your favorite foods.   

Organic Hair Growth Products

A proven and effective mixture of essential oils that will enhance hair growth, thickness and overall hair health.

100% Vegan Organic CBD Products

Organic Vegan CBD Edibles for pain management



​​ Eye Lash Growth     Root Toot Hair Growth 

$25.00                        $35.00

15 ml                           1 oz


Lavender Scented Hair Growth Serum         


1 oz

What our customers are saying

My dad was diagnosed with Diabetes and had been prescribed insulin injections. After a consult with Royal Emprezz Roots, a change in diet and increase in water intake and activity, my dads doctors took him off of insulin and told us that my dad was no longer diabetic.

Pauline M., Minneapolis, Minnesota


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